Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Peljesac Peninsula

Apologies for the lateness of this last report from Dubrovnik, we had an early start yesterday and were pretty late getting back so I decided to leave it until today. Our last day was spent poking around the Peljesac Peninsula, which is to the west of Dubrovnik which is connected to the mainland of Croatia by such a narrow strip of land that it is almost an island. We first stopped at Ston, BondWoman wanted to stock up on cash, which provides spectacular views of the walls that I mentioned seeing at Mali Ston. As we drove on from Ston we found ourselves surrounded by vineyards and were disappointed to find that the wineries were not open for us to sample the goods; that had to wait until we got back to Dubrovnik in the evening and we had a bottle of Peljesac wine with our meal, and very good it was.

I would recommend anyone to hire a car and explore the area, but be warned there are some pretty hair raising stretches of road; and come to think of it some pretty hair raising Croatian drivers who seem to like driving on the left hand side of the road. One of the hairiest bits is the drive over the ridge of the peninsula to Loviste right at the tip of Peljesac; this is quite a beautiful bay, but it is striking that life here is a very spartan existence. Another really beautiful spot on the peninsula is Trapanj, reached by driving down an extremely spectacular valley.

We only spent a day exploring here, but came away with the conclusion that it would be quite possible to spend far more time here poking into all of the odd corners of this fascinating bit of Croatia.

BTW: a complete (well more or less complete) set of the Dubrovnik photos ca be
found here.


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