Thursday, March 02, 2006


We went out to Cavtat yesterday, that is my newly made friend and myself; BondWoman was busy with other things. As you can see we had weather, this photo was taken whilst we were waiting for the bus back to Dubrovnik. It is a very beautiful spot to visit and I would recommend it, that is if you don't mind the white knuckle ride from Dubrovnik! To be fair, having said that we had weather, days like this one are few and far between, and our exploration of this playground of Dubrovnik was conducted mainly in rather drier conditions, as the photo below will show.

I was so impressed with this place that I have persuaded BondWoman to accompany me back there today as I think that she will love it, and that it will provide some inspiration for her artistic abilities. The place at this time of year is very much in limbo awaiting the start of the tourist season, but it is still a fascinating place.


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