Monday, February 27, 2006

Products hard to find in Croatia

I am writing this post in full awareness of the fact that it might upset or distress the more sensitively minded members of the blogteam. But BondBloke assures me that I can discuss this delicate matter without actually mentioning any of the words which I suspect that RoadRunner (yes, it is he) will find distasteful. Anyway, there are certain objects that a woman should not leave home without when she goes on her travels. I am usually well organised, but sometimes for unavoidable reasons one can get caught short, as it were, away from home. Now, could I find supplies in Dubrovnik anywhere? Well, it certainly was a bit of a struggle. I went first to the local general store. No luck. Certain products which might be said to fulfil the same function but which are less intrusive in nature, as it were. But not what I was looking for. This was Sunday. I had to wait until Monday for the pharmacy to open. I thought I would find what I was looking for there. Well, in I went, in the company of BondBloke. Nothing visible in the shop. I asked the pharmacist. She delved into the dark recesses under the counter away from the public gaze and brought out a small packet of the offending objects and handed them over a little reluctantly I thought. And not without looking me up and down, and glancing across at BondBloke, and deciding that letting me buy these was not likely to undermine my ability to make a good match later in my life. I felt like saying: "Look, love, you can see - I'm a middle-aged woman, with an eighteen year old son."

I got the feeling when I left the shop that had I been a local, my name might have been noted down in a little black book!

Coda by BondBloke:
It was a bit as I would imagine buying a Bible in the USSR would have been...


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