Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Morning After a Rainy Night

I decided to go for it yesterday rain or no rain, after all my reason for being here is to explore the place, so why spend time sitting around waiting for the rain to stop, which incidentaly it did within an hour or so. Bondbloke and his other woman headed off towards the new port area, which is a quite fascinating mix of the old and the new, one of the new bits being the bridge in the pic, which is a really impressive structure. An example of the old was what could only be described as a Lido area, quite delapidated and unused, which is obviously a remnant of the communist era, although it has to be said that it looks as if it is undergoing the beginnings of the process of refurbishment.

I had forgotten from my previous visit to this wonderful city, and was once more amazed to actually see oranges on the tree, in situ so to speak, which is a reminder of just how mild the climate is, one has a tendency to forget this when confronted with a bitingly cold wind.

The last time here the Bonds found a brilliant pizzaria, so we went off in search of it last night, once again we decided that we could not face a whole pizza each (they are huge) so shared one, I would say that half a pizza here was the equivalent of one and a half Pizza Express pizzas. Combined with a couple of huge beers it was quite satisfying. For those who want to seek it out it is called Mea Culpa...

Bondbloke and his other woman are off exploring in a different direction this morning, possibly catching a bus to Cavtat just down the coast, full report and, hopefully, pictures tomorrow!


Blogger Just Jane said...

'Mea Culpa'..have made a note of that - thank you!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006  
Blogger BondBloke said...

Might have another one for you tomorrow...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006  

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