Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Lazy Day

I had a pretty lazy day yesterday, took a bit of a walk in the Old Town in the morning, a bite of lunch at a great sandwich bar, Skola, then went back and slobbed on the hotel bed with a book. It is good to note this morning that despite being busy BondWoman has finally contributed to the details of the trip.

Anyone coming to Dubrovnik should take the time to explore all of these litlle alleyways they really are quite interesting, and you get some great views down them.

A whole group of us, mostly BondWoman's colleagues are off to Mali Ston today, so no doubt there will be pics of this either tomorrow or when I get back to Edinburgh, it is pretty much dependent on computer access tomorrow.

Btw, anyone interested in a more artistic view of our travels can see some of the more interesting photos on The Sensual Eye.


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