Friday, March 03, 2006

Cavtat Revisited

Went back to Cavtat with BondWoman yesterday; it is truly amazing how a place can be so different on successive days. Without the rain and the lowering cloud (although it was beginning to lower by the end of our visit as the pic shows) it was a much different place indeed. Although it was mostly sunny there was a biting wind which crept in through the slightest gap in the clothing. By lunchtime we were both ready to take to a warmer place for a leisurely feast. At the risk of repeating myself I would urge anyone visiting Dubrovnik to take a day out in Cavtat, even if only for the peacefulness of the place (although I suspect it may not be so peaceful in season) and to eat at the Restaurant Cavtat, which is a unique experience as you are seated upstairs and able to look down and see your food in preparation; the food here is also very good indeed.
As you can see here it is impossible to take BondWoman anywhere vaguely artistically inspiring; just a whiff of a view and out comes the drawing equipment and off she goes into a world of her own, oblivious to all that is going on around her. I do have a far better photo than this one, but it was vetoed; I am tempted to explain why, but I value my life too much! It can be anything from half an hour to an hour before she rejoins the human race such is the intensity of her concentration, then she gets all apologetic for keeping me hanging round, but for all she knows I could have been off for a quickie with the local tart...

But seriously anyone interested in some practical advice about eating out in Dubrovnik without getting ripped off is welcome to email me from my profile (but not before Monday please) and I will be happy to give much more detailed advice along with a list of places that we think are worth a visit.


Just been rereading the stuff so far this week and there is a distinct lack of contributions of this trip from BondWoman; now I know she has been busy with other things, but I note that she has had time to read some of her daily blogs. Methinks words are needed!


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