Friday, March 10, 2006

How stupid is the SFA?

Hot on the heels of deciding that the Hibs vs Hearts Scottish Cup semi-final will be played at Hampden Park and not Murrayfield, at 12.30 on a Sunday lunchtime when there are two scheduled trains to get fans there on time from Edinburgh, the SFA has now excelled itself by indicating that having been locked out of Hampden Park on 2 September for its high-profile first Euro 2008 qualifier against the Faroe Islands by a Robbie Williams concert, this match will be played at one of the Old Firm grounds in Glasgow, rather than in more suitably sized (and located) accommodation in Aberdeen or Edinburgh. To be fair though (why am I being fair? this is a blog for god's sake...), this was reported in the Times, and the Scotsman (which perhaps should know best) says the venue has not yet been decided and still might be outside Glasgow. Still time for the SFA to redeem itself then.


Blogger BondBloke said...

Ah, but does it matter? ater all RoadRunner will be going to the Robbie Williams gig won't he?

Friday, March 10, 2006  

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