Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reminiscence of a Christmas Break

I was looking through my photographs and trying to get some organisation into them when I came across so that were taken just after Christmas when BondWoman and I took a short break to spend some time with some friends from Leeds. We spent three days in the most wonderful spot on the west coast of Scotland. We stayed at a place called Lunga near Craobh Haven:-

As you can see from the sunset the weather was absolutely fabulous, sunny and very still, nearly the whole time the water was so flat that it was acting exactly like a mirror. The drawback of such good weather was that it was very cold to the point of there being ice in the marina, and this being salt water. However it is much easier to wrap up against the cold than it is against the rain etc. At night this area is just so dark that it is almost possible to count the stars in the Milky Way! It is a great place to go and get away from it all, especally as the mobile phone signal is so patchy that it is very easy to be completely out of touch; it is also very democratically priced. I am sure that this subject will also make appearances here again before too long...

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