Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Argument for Nuclear Power

The situation that we are in at present seems to me to be untenable; we are closing down nuclear and coal fired power stations at a rate that is going to mean that we are no longer self sufficient in power. This means that we will wind up buying gas, particularly, from unstable regimes like Russia, who has recently turned off the taps to its neighbour, or the countries like Algeria, Nigeria (who are at present busy kicking Shell out) etc. So what are we doing about it, well this government is looking at renewables, so they want us to be dependant on wind (this is ok in Westminster where there is so much hot air) all very well whilst there is wind blowing; and solar is all very well when there is sun; the problem here is that neither of these technologies are well developed, and have been under discussion for thirty odd years, which sort of tells me that if they had anything to offer us they would have been fully developed and in place by now. One thing that strikes me as quite odd is that this government doesn’t recognise Hydro as a renewable source of power, weird in the extreme… In conclusion I see that the only means of generating electricity without greenhouse gasses has to be nuclear, yes this has problems of its own, but surely it is better than being left at the mercy of unstable regimes who could possibly use our dependency on their beneficence against us.


Blogger James Aach said...

I suspect you might find this insider look at nuclear power for layman by a longtime nuclear engineer to be interesting. It's set in the US, but all plants in the West have similar issues.

Sunday, January 22, 2006  

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