Friday, January 20, 2006

Some Help From the Little People Required

ICC - Ireland aim high at ICC U/19 Cricket World Cup

I have seen it all now Ireland playing cricket, that most sedate gentlmanly game; one can only hope that the players do not get confused and think that it is a hurling stick that they are holding. Anyone who has watched
hurling will know exactly what I mean; a bunch of men tearing around a field chasing a little ball beating the hell out of one another with big sticks, I think that about sums it up as a description of hurling.

But joking aside I had heard that Ireland had a cricket team, but thought that it was one of those 'urban myths' that crop up from time to time. Ah, well, given the "luck of the Irish" they will probably do well, and I for one wish them all the luck they can muster, they are probably going to need it in Sri Lanka, especially if they draw Sri Lanka.


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