Sunday, January 22, 2006

Auto Downloads

OK, I have not had a serious rant for a while, so I feel that it is about time! I have this afternoon been browsing through a whole load of blogs looking for something interesting - well, it is Sunday after all... What I have noticed is how many blogs open with a download window popping open; now this is very irritating, especially if you don't want to download a file and simply read the content! Surely if the people who construct such blogs want people to read their content it makes sense not to irritate people immedaitely so that they simply navigate away from the blog without reading it. Now I do not mind downloading files, but I like to have the choice of whether or not to do so; when I am confronted with a fait accompli (not given a choice) then I simply kill the download immediately and go somewhere else. It is quite simple to put a link in the relevant post offering the option of downloading, rather than presenting people with the bloggers own choice, which is download this file now. To all of the bloggers who do this I have one thing to say, "You have lost at least one reader!"


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