Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Bondbloke and I are somewhat peeved to discover that we are sharing our hotel for the last couple of days of our mixed work/holiday stay in Malta with an EPP-ED Study Day on EuroMed, Maritime Policy and Immigration. Admittedly the former two headings are not areas of European politics where I could legitimately claim to have more expertise than most MEPs, although I am supervising a thesis which is empirically, if not theoretically, focused on the Euro-Med. However, what peeves us most is that we have just returned to our room to find a card from the hotel management pushed under the door, informing us that our normal breakfast restaurant is unavailable for the next three days (this only affects us tomorrow as we are away early on Thursday). Ordinary hotel guests are going to find their buffet breakfast served in a smaller restaurant, which doesn't open out straight onto the pool terrace, and is infinitely less pleasant for breakfast. If we can't have our breakfast outside under a nice umbrella tomorrow morning, toys may be thrown... European politicians...who'd have 'em in the same hotel?


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