Friday, June 15, 2007

Rank awful

Now as a music fan of some vintage, I rather like it when newspapers produce this type of review - a selection of so-called "classic" albums which, in the views of a cross-section of today's well known (or if not well known then certainly credible) musicians and/or record producers, maybye weren't that seminal after all. So, have a read and see what today's crop of music-makers consider to be the less than enduring efforts of their forebears. Oh - and spot which participant is the odd one out. Don't have the time? Oh well then, let me tell you. It's that well known, all-singing and all-dancing top-of-the-pops egoist, Ian Rankin. Not only does he not make music, by selecting the Velvet Underground and Nico as his example of an over-rated classic, he demonstrates that he knows nothing whatsoever about music. As anyone with even a passing knowledge of modern music will attest, had that truly brilliant album not happened, then virtually nothing of merit (or interest) in contemporary music would have happened thereafter.


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