Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taking devolution seriously

RoadrunnerReturns was delighted to read that soon-to-be-PM 'Baliff' Brown is considering re-establishing the post of Secretary of State for Scotland - that which presently is handled on a part time basis by Paisley toughie, Dug Alexander brother of Shreek of that ilk. No doubt this is motivated by the Baliff's desire - nay, obsession - to get Scotland firmly back under the control of the one-party system that has served successive Labour Party leaders so well over generations. But of course this also means that FM Ecky will need to bestow upon one among his ministerial number the title Cabinet Secretary for England and charge her/him with the duty of leading inter-governmental coordination between Victoria Quay and Whitehall. After all it would be most unseemly if, in the context of the friends-and-family phone calls that must be positively flourishing in the current climate, any call from our First Minister to Downing St were to be taken by some minion (let's call him Dug) rather than by the Baliff himself.


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