Friday, June 29, 2007

Regional Ministers - a clarification

Following this post over on Holyrood Chronicles, RRR can perhaps offer some clarification - eh, maybe. This from the PM's spokesperson at yesterday's No 10 briefing;

"The role of these Ministers was to act as regional champions within the Government, and to represent the Government on parliamentary debate and other forum focussed specifically on regional issues."

When pressed by the assembled hacks, this clarification was offered...

"Asked to say more about the Regional Ministers, and was it right that they would be championing their regions in the Government and not the other way around, the PMS replied that the idea was to ensure that the regional dimension was properly factored into the Government's decision making process in a cross-departmental way. Asked if it would therefore be more bottom-up than top-down, the PMS replied that it was more about ensuring that the regional dimension was joined up across Government. Asked if the Regional Ministers would all have other responsibilities as well, the PMS replied that everyone would have to wait for the detail tomorrow to see exactly how these posts related to other junior Ministerial positions."
Ok – got it?


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