Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Outing

We interrupt this programme (or should I say succession of rants (I mean, fully reasoned arguments) by RRR) to bring you news of a Blog Outing. Having been visited in March by Pat the Chooks and Her Maj, we decided last weekend it was time to return the favour. So weary of the incessant rain and grey weather in the East of Scotland, we decided to try our luck in the West. Occasional perusals of the BBC Weather website and reading this blog and reports on this blog about beautiful weather on Skye in the last couple of weeks, had convinced us that we should head west. This is, of course, counterintuitive, because typically the East of Scotland does have more sunshine than the West, but not - apparently - this year. We also needed to do a dry-run for the tent, as we shall be spending next weekend in it at this Festival, along with RoadRunnerReturns, the Queen of Scots, and others. Well thousands of others, actually. However, we are also braving the MacNasties and staying in a tent, which may prove a foolhardy decision. In fact, we did manage to put the tent up in Pat the Chooks' garden, but the MacNasties were sooooo bad, that we gave up on the idea of sleeping out, and gratefully accepted a proper bed for the night. No such choice next Friday and Saturday. Anyway, we have a lovely mini weekend, with a visit to the Bonawe Iron Furnace in Taynuilt (where I decided not to buy the latest CD release of the Taynuilt Gaelic Choir in the local shop....), a drive down Loch Awe and a splendid reception at The Grannary. Saturday was not so good, but Sunday dawned bright and sunny and we ventured straight out the back of The Grannary, onto the hills and away, to enjoy splendid views at the top of the local mini summit, from where we could see Arran, Colonsay, Mull, Ben Cruachan, the Arrochar Alps, and many other sights near and far. Sadly, we had to come back soon after lunch, but it was a real tonic to the system.

UPDATE Gordon Bennett. Tetchy or what? First I have RoadRunnerReturns on at me about how I describe his flood of posts, and then Bondbloke gets on his high horse about not getting a mention in this post. Well, yes, BB was there. For record. End of update.


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