Monday, July 02, 2007

Fanfare for the common (wo)man

Before the news broke about the horrific attack on Glasgow airport, RRR spent a pleasant, if somewhat damp, day enjoying the festivities that surrounded the opening of the third session of the Scottish Parliament. In part as a diversion from the rain, RRR decided to rank our political parties on a ‘mingling index’ according to which their score is determined by the number of a party’s politicians (relative to their overall parliamentary representation) spied mingling in the worsening weather with the great Scottish public in preference to partaking in the various ‘official’ receptions which were available indoors! The highest score by far was achieved by the governing party, with many SNP’s MSPs (including those occupying the very highest office) opting to brave the increasingly inclement elements and enjoy the entertainment on offer outside the Parliament building. While the Liberal Democrats’ score was buttressed by what seemed to be hordes of young Stephens, nonetheless the timely appearance of Cpt. Mainwaring did much to lift them into fourth place behind the Tories (3rd) and the Greens (2nd) – the latter managing to have a staggering 50% of their elected number out and about (Mr. Harvie – Patrick, that is. Sadly RRR's 'law of small numbers' denied the Greens top spot - they'll understand). Labour came in a lowly fifth as RRR saw just one member of the Labour opposition taking the outdoor air, and he didn’t look too happy (must have been the weather…). On the individual rankings RRR’s highest score – a perfect 10 – goes to Rob Gibson, MSP. For Robi G not only braved the hostile elements for the entire afternoon, he remained out there in front of the stage supporting the entertainers as the rain lashed down and men and women of lesser mettle (RRR included) huddled some distance away sheltering under the Parliament’s protruding roof. And this stunning performance comes only a week after the same Robi G had been spied by RRR stoically braving the even more miserable weather (not to mention mud) to take in much of the splendid music (though criminally high refreshment prices) on offer at the Outsider Festival in Aviemore. Well done Robi G!


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