Thursday, March 23, 2006

Old Clive's Old Tortoise

Oddly Enough News Article

So, Clive of India had a tortoise; he must have been a regular enough sort of bloke if he had a pet tortoise. Funny, in all of the books that I have read he came across quite differently, after all he was spearheading the Empire's raping of the Indian subcontinent. I bet that old fellow, the tortoise that is, had a few tales he could have told. But seriously, I mourn the passing of this gentle old animal that had managed to outlive many, many generations; in a world lived at the pace of modern society the animal that lives life at a gentle plod is fast becoming redundant. We could learn so much from this tortoise if we only stopped and understood that a slower, less stressed life is so much better for our health than the constant tearing around chasing the next deal, the next shag etc. etc. We could even learn that living in harmony with our environment, not to mention our fellow man, on this tiny, tiny speck of dust in the universe would be so much more beneficial to all of us. So, let us take a moment of reflection to note the passing of an object lesson to us all...


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