Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Small Minded or Just Blinkered?

I just thought that it would be fun to share the comment of some very small minded individuals with you. These are the people who will take one sentence of a post twist it to their own ends and then go on the attack with the sort of insults that you see below. Please note there is not a reasoned argument to be found anywhere here, just plain old fashioned insults; and just to prove the point I will include the link to where this came from in order that they cannot refute that they have made these comments, which I am sure they would try to do if they could (but due to their obnoxious behaviour in my personal space they have been blocked). I am actually quite interested in this forum, especially as a couple of the forums, particularly one on Immigration and Asylum issues are not viewable by the public,whereas most otf the others are, which begs the question what are they hiding? Hiding, now there is a very good word indeed; most of these people when leaving comments on blogs prefer to hide behind that old chestnut 'anonymous', they do not have the courage of their convictions, and most probably never will have. I actually don't give a flying fig what they call me, as I actually KNOW that I am none of these things, and I also know that they are no better than playground bullies. Then we have the rank hypocrisy of these people who seem to think that is is OK to publish someone's email address, for the purposes of what I can only assume is spamming me, but can any contact addresses be found for them? I fear not! However, they do seem to be doing their utmost to spread my reputation far and wide, for which I am very grateful indeed, as not all of the people who read such rubbish as is to be found below think like them, some of them at least will be rational people who like an informed reasoned argument. Great stuff lads you are doing me a very big favour, whilst you are promoting me I don't have to promote myself, carry on the good work and whilst you are at it you might actually take the time to READ what I write! Particularly READ THIS!

Comments posted on the Cross of St George forum:-


"beware the dragon that blandishes with the head and smites with the tail." --- Richard Rolle de Hampole, English hermit and mystic; 14thC

Does this link work ?

Quote: Does this link work ?


Yes, the site must have been down, try again.

"beware the dragon that blandishes with the head and smites with the tail." --- Richard Rolle de Hampole, English hermit and mystic; 14thC

Site is very slow.

This Bond guy is a moron that uses lies.

A quote at the bottom of his page says

Quote: They try to censor me - they haven't a snowball in hell's chance
Well Mr dickhead your the only one thats censoring anything.

Quote: ##### said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator. Saturday, March 18, 2006
Bonds arguments go along the line of Quote: Funny I thought that the English Flag belonged to the BNP and the neo-fascists these days;

Bond you are a moron.

Not worth reading.

I agree, I tried to comment back but its so slow I gave up.

Quote: Moderation I want to apologise to regular readers for having been put in the position of having to moderate comments; this is due to a few idiots who think that it OK to throw accusation, insults, and claims that what I write is offensive. They seem to think that it is OK to insult and offend me, but if I respond with a reasoned argument to their insults and offences there is a hue and cry of foul! I can no longer be bothered to even engage with these sad people.. - From Mr Bonds site.

Bond, you call English patriots neo-fascists because they wave their St George Flag, then moan when people insult you. Your the sad person that seems real desperate to dirty the English name.

Quote: The most notable characteristic of a fascist country is the separation and persecution or denial of equality to a specific segment of the population

A Perfect description of the Scottish Raj!

I guess ###### just found you amusing and wanted to share the joke He has deleted all posts, what a total tosser, they think they can denigrate the English without any come back. it is because they are conditioned to it, they think no one cares.

halyard@alfthomas.free-online.co.uk <--his email

you cannot comment untill he approves it now.

He isn't a blogger, bloggers have balls. This guy is a utter moron.


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