Saturday, March 18, 2006


I want to apologise to regular readers for having been put in the position of having to moderate comments; this is due to a few idiots who think that it OK to throw accusation, insults, and claims that what I write is offensive. They seem to think that it is OK to insult and offend me, but if I respond with a reasoned argument to their insults and offences there is a hue and cry of foul! I can no longer be bothered to even engage with these sad people.

Any sensible comments from those who have something constructive to say will get through, those who can't be bothered to read and simply attack what is written for the sake of it will not. I know full well that these people will accuse me of censorship; well so be it, so if they can't tell the difference between criticism and censorship then they are welcome to the latter.


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