Saturday, March 18, 2006

A post on the weather

Apologies for being a little sparse in my posting this week. This has been the result of two overnight trips to London, interspersed with a busy day in Edinburgh. I managed to experience some improved weather in London on Wednesday - see the interesting angle on St Pancras Station, soon to be the Eurostar Terminal on the left. Yesterday, it was almost as cold and bitter in London as it has been in Edinburgh recently. Perhaps it's the weather, or maybe the problems with Blogger, but there hasn't been too much levity on this blog recently, so perhaps a lightweight frothy post such as this will reset the tone, just like one can "reset" a computer programme. I daren't expose the state of the weather to my cousin in the US at present, as she and her family are coming over here at the beginning of April to enjoy some Scottish spring sunshine. We are going out west again altogether to enjoy one of our favourite places, one where we enjoyed some of the best of weather in the winter. Let's hope we see an improvement before then.

Apart from meaningful contemplation of the weather, I have little to add apart from to say that I enjoyed the services of the Caledonian Sleeper for the first time last night, and found it a reasonably civilised and comfortable service which I would use again if I find myself (as today) in the situation of having to go out to dinner in London the night before giving a lecture at 9am in Edinburgh. I hope that won't be too often. The funniest thing of all was standing outside Waverley Station at 6am this morning waiting for my lift home (I mean, I ask you, what service, he wasn't waiting outside the station with the car for my return at just can't get the staff these days). I fully expected to run into someone I'm related to returning from a night's revelling in aid of St Patrick. In fact, we saw one such reveller making rather unsteady progress along Pilrig Street wearing one of those funny Guinness hats they hand out just a few minutes later.

Anyway, this post was intended to bring a little levity to this blog, which appears to have been getting a little too serious in my absence, what with hassles with Blogger (which have continued this morning) and some of the other political debates which have been joined.


Blogger BondBloke said...

Yes, well, if someone, who shall remain nameless BondWoman, had made up her miknd beforehand whether or not she wanted picking up the 'taxi service' would have been there waiting for her; but no, the 'taxi driver' was rudely awoken, from a delicious sleep, at 6am, I repeat 6am, with a request to be picked up. Women, I ask you.....

Saturday, March 18, 2006  

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