Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Scottish Parliament?

One of the main questions around my part of the world is where will the Scottish Parliament convene while the debating chamber of the new building is made safe. In the short term it is to meet at The Hub, at the top of the High Street. But apparently this (emergency) venue is not available for a fortnight towards the end of March. A number of alternative venues have been proposed, though none is thought to be very suitable. But RoadRunner can assist. I know of a venue which (a) is available, and has a beautiful debating chamber; (b) can accommodate the 129 good members; and (c) is very close to their current place of employment. Yes, you guessed, they could meet in the old Royal High School up there on Calton Hill. And why not? Surely it can't still be too expensive!


Anonymous Hypothermiaplatz said...

The Executive is allergic to the Royal High School, as was evidenced by its failure to agree on the Scottish Photography Museum being sited there. And do you think they'd willingly prove that the parliament could have been put there all along? They'd be better off taking a long holiday, and seeing if anyone noticed their absence.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  

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