Friday, January 27, 2006


So, George W. wants to bring democracy to the world; I wonder how he feels after finding that Hamas have won control in Palestine. Obviously this is not the sort of democracy that he would have been thinking about; he would prefer the sort of democracy that kowtows to Americam pressure. Oh, I almost forgot, this election took place somewhere else, he was not able to get in there and choose which people were enfranchised and which were disenfranchised; all those Palestinians getting the vote, and voting for change without him being able to have any control... The Americans, and others, see Hamas as a terrorist organisation, but how do we define terrorism? I agree that Hamas, and other such organisations use terror tactics in pursuit of their aims; but what about Israel? Here we have a duly, democratically elected government which sponsors, in the name of self protection, what can be no more, or less, than terrorism, that is if we are agreed that using terror tactics equals terrorism, and yet the Americans, and others, are perfectly prepared to support Israel in everything it does. Oh yes, there are the odd UN resolutions which, like the Americans, the Israelis choose to completely ignore. So my message to W is "wake up and smell the coffee, you have been dealing with terrorists for as long as you have been dealing with Israel!"

Update: 3:30pm.

Anyone who doubts this should take a read of some of the stuff on this blog.


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