Monday, May 08, 2006

Is There A Cure For Consumption?

Blair resists calls to step down is the BBC headline; I am not sure how he thinks he is going to hold on to power, as he is only clinging by his fingernails at present. We all know why he is refusing to go, he wants to hang in there for the ten year thingy; how bloody pathetic! He also says that he "has a lot to finish", again how bloody pathetic; as if a new leader could not see through all of the reforms that are planned, and maybe even reverse some of the worst excesses of this morally bankrupt bunch of lunatics! The bloody man HAS TO GO and the sooner the better for all concerned; and then maybe there can be a decent leadership election to choose a new leader for the Labour Party, which is something that has been worrying my good friend Numptie recently. Now he really does get agitated at any whiff of the undermining of democracy. I am the first to agree that there has to be a smooth transition of power, but surely it makes sense for that transition of power to happen as soon as possible to give the new leader time to settle in and make plans (which will include trying to salvage the reputation of the party) for fighting the next election. I have tactfully avoided mentioning that other fellah who is supposed to be taking over the reins from TB, a) because I like him even less than old consumption and b) because, like Numptie, I think it all smacks of totalitarianism by the back door!


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