Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Walk in The Pentlands

BondWoman dragged me out for some torture walking in the Pentland hills, just south of the city, this afternoon, and I have to confess that I now realise just how unfit I am. To say that I feel stiff would be an understatement, to say sore would be even more so, and all of this despite a stop at one of Edinburgh's nicer pubs, The Sheep Heid in Duddingston, on the return journey for a couple of pints; this is a great pub serving good beer, good food, and what appealed to us right from the start was the no smoking policy even before today's ban came into force.

Back to the torture walking, it was a pretty good walk even though the start was pretty steep uphill for a goodly distance, and when we got a bit higher there was the wind to contend with, which I have to say was pretty strong on the tops; but as it was more or less a south westerly wind it was not at all a cold wind, unlike that of recent days. It was not the clearest of days, but even so the views from 1617 feet were pretty good; unfortunately I forgot my camera (I was actually not in a mind to go out as I have an essay to write), but BondWoman had her little excuse for a camera so I am pretty sure that pictures will be forthcoming from that direction. All in all it was pretty good to get out of town and to get some fresh air...

Update 19:40

I notice the BW has the temerity to mention that I insulted her photographs, well I would give her the same advice that I was handing out to those English Nationalists last week; go and read my words! What I actually insulted was her "little excuse for a camera"...


Blogger BondWoman said...

You encouraged me to buy it.

Sunday, March 26, 2006  

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