Monday, March 27, 2006

Numptie Speaks Out

I appear to have acquired a new sobriquet, Numptie, now I am not sure whether to be flattered by this or not, especially given its accepted definition "a foolish or ignorant person". I am also not sure if the English person who appears to have provided this label is aware of the word's Scottish origin.

On reflection I think that this is not such an insult after all as I would rather be "a foolish or ignorant person" than a self satisfied know it all who preaches to others thinking that they are always right and that everyone else is wrong. I was once told by a teacher that as I went through life that I would find that ignorance was the best form of knowledge; it now seems that I have achieved this ignorance, and in so doing have also attained this best form of knowledge. This, however, does pose a real problem for me, as I now wonder what comes next, and what do I do with this "best form of knowledge", do I pass it on and become that most annoying self satisfied know it all, or do I remain selfish and keep it to myself? Decisions, decisions, I have been encumbered with this heavy burden of knowledge, but it does not give me any answers at all, just more questions...


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