Wednesday, February 22, 2006

On Neo-Fascist Morons!

I have thought long and hard before commiting myself to this post, and whether or not to share it with you...

Last night I posted a piece on an interesting lecture that I went to at Edinburgh University; the speaker talked about Freedom, Human Rights and many other topics, and was a very competent and thought provoking speaker. However, it seems to me that there are those out there who could not be provoked into thoughts beyond those moronic, racist, sexist, imbecilic, neo-facist ideas that all of us 'thinking' members of society hate, loathe and detest. RoadRunner used a phrase yesterday, "half-baked and misleading" which struck a chord with me when I read a comment that had been left on the post overnight (now deleted); to say that the author was half-baked would be accrediting him/her with far more intelligence than he/she apparently possesses. I have said quite a bit about my views of freedom of speech recently, and I stand by every single word that I have written; however when faced with such vile filth as this:-

"Lectured on freedom by a Muslim Paki? She is simply simulating Western cultural attitudes and has no real idea of the concept. A few years spent back in her ancestral village-full-of-shit in Trashkanstan being raped by the local landlord should set this impudent Shitskin straight."

I begin to wonder if I am right to hold these views on freedom of speech. Here is an example of the sort of unmitigated excrement that the neo-fascist morons, of the type who belong to, and support, organisations like the BNP. I do not usually publicise my views on such people as I think that they are beneath contempt, and I would not give them the effort of thinking about them; however when they encroach into my space they have to be prepared to take as much faeces thrown at them as they throw at me. Oh, dear me, I can just see them all now scuttling off to find a dictionary to look up some of the words used here!


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