Friday, February 10, 2006

England Argues - Scotland Takes Decisive Action!

Roll on April when I will be able to enjoy a pint in a completely smoke free environment! Whilst the English are still arguing and prevaricating over a total ban up here in Scotland decisions are made, whether or not they are pouplar decisions is another matter, at least the decision is made. I suppose that this is the problem when you have a government that has a morally bankrupt leader who twist and turns, changes his mind with the wind, tries to be all things to all people and fails miserably; it is just a recipe for poor legislation. How many times now have ammendments been made to various bills to try and prevent the back benchers revolting, how many pieces of knee jerk reaction legislation have had to be tinkered with to get them right after the event? The CSA being a case in point, agreed it was set up by the Tories, but Blair has had something like eight years to get it sorted, with what effect, just a whole load of tinkering and throwing money (our money) at it with no result! It just seems to me that the poodle (Blair) is incapable of doing anything without the approval of the chimp (Bush); a thought, there's another who is not averse to lying and twisting events to save his own ass from burning! Given that I think that the poodle better watch his own ass for a change just in case the chimp decides to throw him to the wolves!

An Aside:-

I thought that I might refrain from, pointing out that Labour, sorry New Labour, got its collective ass well and truly kicked in yesterday's by-election; but then I thought what the hell, why not rub his cold wet nose in the doo doo...


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