Monday, February 06, 2006

RoadRunner reports

[Posted on behalf of RoadRunner by BondWoman; all comments, especially by St Mirren and East Stirlingshire fans should be directed to RoadRunner]

Yes, Roadrunner was blessed to witness a simply magnificent Cup tie down at the City Ground (Edinburgh) on Sunday where the mighty Spartans held First Division leaders (and champions elect) St Mirren to a goalless draw. Indeed, Spartans were very unfortunate not to snatch a victory in the dying moments as man-of-the-match Seeley dragged his shot agonisingly wide of the left hand upright from maybe 12 yards out. And whilst the whingeing minority of the Paisley ilk might question the quality of the playing surface – not to mention the up- and down-hill bits of the park – best to remember it was the same for both sides! No, there can be no doubt that this was Roy-of-the-Rovers stuff with an almost fairy-tale ending. And it ain’t over yet. On the day Spartans matched the allegedly superior team from the West tackle for tackle, shot for shot (though precious few were made by either team). The replay is set for St Valentine’s Day through at Paisley. One hopes that any massacre on this occasion will be figurative – although given its Paisley, who knows?? How appropriate it is that the replay is at Love Street on February 14th!! Be that as it may, it is unlikely that Saturday’s carnival atmosphere will be repeated that evening. On Saturday, boys and girls of all ages and physical dispositions were to be seen prancing around in sombreros and false moustaches, dressed (or not) in all sorts of super-hero costumes. In the first half much of this motley crew were gathered behind the Saints goal aiming all sorts of mild mannered comments at a rather bemused visiting goalie, Tony Bullock. No doubt looking forward to some respite in the second half, Bullock was clearly taken aback as he ran out for the second 45 only to find the same bunch parked behind the opposite goal! That’s not supposed to happen at football matches…but then again, nor was the result. The end of this stirring match saw the Spartans players running over to the Saints end to applaud the visiting support. And to their credit, the Buddies fans reciprocated in kind – no doubt pleased to get out of there with a wee bit (but not much) of their reputation intact. In a generous gesture, the Spartans players threw what I took to be wee plastic footballs to the visitors from Paisley – although I was later informed it was actually soap. But one wonders when, if ever, the Spartans will be allowed to take the next step – into the Scottish football league. One assumes this must await the expulsion of East Stirlingshire Nil –– officially Britain’s worst football team. But when will that happen? Probably the same day the Incredible String Band appear on Top of the Pops. C’mon Dougie – accept it!


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