Sunday, February 05, 2006

Heroes and villains: BondWoman gets in on the act

I felt it was time to for me to contribute to the Heroes and Villains debate. My hero of the last week has been Danny Biddle, one of the injured victims of the bombings on 7 July, and all the poeple who "put him together again". This was brilliantly charted in the Observer last Sunday.

Villains: well what about Dave Pearson, the referee in the Ireland v Italy Six Nations match yesterday? Now I would describe myself as generally pretty supportive of Irish rugby efforts. In fact, this has been a pretty damn good weekend on the rugby front as far as I am concerned, with wins for my three preferred teams: England, Scotland and Ireland. But when the referee declines to use the available video technology and decides to award a "dodgy" try even though he was unsighted in relation to the grounding of the ball, it does seem a trifle unfair on the Italians.

Update All we are waiting for now is a report from our football correspondent, Roadrunner, on the magnificient deeds of Spartans against St Mirren in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup on Sunday lunchtime. BondBloke and I cycled past the back of the City Ground on the Ferry Road cycle path during the middle of the match and it sounded like a great atmosphere with people hanging from every possible vantage point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The referee's decision is final - he called it as he saw it - so he was wrong, next time he might deny one that should be given - it all evens out in the end!

Sunday, February 05, 2006  

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