Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Compendium

Actually Bondbloke and I are watching quite a lot of World Cup matches. I'm quite keen on football per se, and would probably watch a Vauxhall Conference relegation play off on a wet Thursday evening if I trusted myself to have Sky Sports. Thankfully, I haven't and I have to go round to RoadRunner's for his Wednesday evening football get together with "the boys"(Sky Sports and a 42" plasma - how vulgar but how nice darlings...) (BTW to maintain his comparative advantage both RoadRunner (and Madry) has got himself Hi Def for the duration of the World Cup, which in practice means buying it for 12 months). BB is not so keen on football. His normal comment is 25 men (he includes the ref and the assistant refs) chasing a bag of wind on a field. But this seems to do it for him, as did the African Nations Cup earlier in the year. I think it's the capacity for global upsets which engages him, rather than tribal loyalty. I am supporting England, but not fervently, and I likewise enjoy these global engagements (waiting for Iran vs US... but it's not going to happen). Anyway, we use a complex set of rules about imperialism and underdogs and favoured regions of the world to decide which teams we are supporting. So...great entertainment at the humbling of the US by the Czech Republic (population just over 10m) (whaddya mean - a "world" series in which other countries can compete?). Excitement at the end-to-end entertainment provided by Argentina and World Cup debutants Ivory Coast on Saturday night. Currently we are enthralled by those other World Cup debutants Ghana and Italy - we are most impressed by the Italians having "Totti" on the field. Is this to put the opposition (most of whom are presumably straight) off? Anyway, said Totti is doing a good job, and Ghana are surving courtesy of small matters like the post (and some erratic but periodically excellent goal keeping).

Anyway, I'll be back with more "live-blogging" (there'll be at least a couple of readers I hope...) before the end, but I'll sign off this segment by commenting on the shame of English fans. I loved Shuggy's comment about support for England in Scotland today.

"As well as a certain benevolence towards their genetic inferiors, the English can count amongst their qualities a certain ingenuity - which this World Cup season demonstrates very well. Think about it: they tell people from other countries what team they should cheer for and if anyone should disagree, they are accused of racism. Genius - I bet no other country on the face of the planet thought of doing that."

Indeed. Well even when they are left to their own devices the English (remember: I am supporting England) supporters seem to score own goals (emulating Paraguay no doubt). The BBC reports that

"Live football matches will no longer be broadcast on the BBC big screens in Liverpool and London after trouble flared during England's first match."

Oh dear.

Oh bugger, Italy have just scored. Shall publish now.


Blogger Martyn said...

As someone who two seasons ago paid good money to watch Conference relegation battles on wet Tuesday evenings in January, I I can tell you, you're missing out.

The World Cup has been a treat so far. We're backing The Ivory Coast all the way in this house.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006  

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