Thursday, June 01, 2006

Strange facts about Budapest

Actually, I can't tell you anything strange about Budapest itself (which is its normal bustling self), but I can tell you something strange about my stay in Budapest, which not even BondBloke, in any of his many manifestations, knows, and that is that I am sleeping on a waterbed. Yes, a waterbed. For the first time in my life. It's a strange experience, particularly if you arrive in your room at 11.30pm, no one has warned you, and you lean on the bed to put the light on above it. And not only discover that the surface is by no means firm, but that it makes a disconcerting slushing noise every time you touch it. Actually, since you ask, yes I have slept reasonably well. As well as I ever sleep when away from the comforts of the Bond residence, and in the middle of a city. But I am not sure it is an experience I would repeat, and certainly not one I would like to try when sharing a bed with someone else. Anyone else.

I suppose the other strange fact about Budapest, at least in relation to me, is that this is the city my son's father lives in, and once in the 1990s when I was here for work with Junior Bond, we ran into his father on the street by pure coincidence. In a city of I don't know how many million people. After all, the world's a village.


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