Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Village, Leith

Continuing our series of "pub of the week" posts (see here, here and here), here is a quick post on the pub which is effectively our "local", The Village, on South Fort Street in Leith. It's an interesting place, although I couldn't recommend visiting it for the ale. Deuchars IPA handpumped and Belhaven Best on electric tap was about the limits of that. But it certainly has quite a funky atmosphere (much improved by the smoking ban IMHO), with art on the walls, interesting colour schemes, and - above all - a reputation to maintain as the venue for the weekly gigs hosted by the Leith Folk Club. Now here we are really getting to the nub of the matter. It is a great little venue, and somewhere where you can go and see bands like the Tannahill Weavers, as indeed we did this week "en blog famille" as it were, in very intimate and knowledgeable surroundings. Crazily, after living here more than twelve months, this was the first time we had frequented the Leith Folk Club. I have no doubt we shall go back.


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