Monday, May 15, 2006

Human Rights Problems

Differing views on Human Rights Act

Most people have differing views about the Human Righs Act, and none more so than BondWoman and myself; although having said that our views are not that far apart, and both of us are so far distanced from the views being at present expressed in the tabloid press. Views such as:

"a disgraceful piece of legislation"
The Scum


"We mustn't dream of upsetting Brussels"
Daily Mail

But then what would we expect from such a bunch of scaremongering louts as write for these organs of the gutter! What we have is a perfectly good piece of legislation; however the big problem that we have is the constant tinkering of elected politicians in matters that should be left to the judiciary. What is the point of having a judiciary if every decision they take is going to be questioned, tinkered with or simply ignored by the politicians because it does not fit with their idea of how things should be; absoloutely no point at all!


Blogger Cliff said...

but equally, what is the point of a judiciary that doesn't reflect the norms and values of the society it claims to serve? The tradition of judicial independence from the government is something to value and retain but if they divorce themselves so much from what we regular folks think is right then that can only invite inteference from politicians. It's all a question of checks and balances.

Monday, May 15, 2006  
Blogger MilliGoon said...

You have a fair point Cliff, and I agree with you to a point, but we have seen where a constant tinkering by elected politicians leads us. I am not saying that the judiciary should not be publicly accountable, but that elected politicians should be a little more removed from the equation that they are at present.

I suppose I should read what BW has to say on this issue, althought I suppose that I already have a fair idea...

Monday, May 15, 2006  

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