Monday, April 03, 2006

Where Scotland Leads Others Follow

I hate to say it yet again, but where Scotland leads the rest follow. I see that those nice people over at the CoSG Blog have got their knickers in a twist yet again, see "Another one for the list of inequalities", where they are complaining that the Welsh (and before anyone shouts I know that Wales is not Scotland) have free school milk, and the Scottish have free eye tests and free bus passes; well by my very poor arithmetic that makes "Another three for the list of inequalities", but let's not quibble over a matter of a couple of points, life's too short for that! However I would like make one point, and that is that the English have no free school milk because of that wonderful 'English' lady Margaret Thatcher! The lists of 'firsts' for Scotland is becoming quite long now which makes me quite pleased that I had the foresight to move north of the border. I also notice that these very nice people are calling for a new anthem, see Anthem for England?; yet again they have either been beaten to it, or are stealing Scottish ideas - see here, and here. I thought that England had a perfectly good anthem in Land of Hope and Glory, but these nice people seem to think not; and it was even written by two English men, music Edward Elgar words Arthur C Benson; maybe I could suggest that old English rugby favourite Swing Low Sweet Chariot, oh, no, that's a negro spiritual that would never do!

Update 13:35:

Sorry that should have been "Another five for the list of inequalities", I forgot the free prescriptions and care for the elderly... I told you my arithmetic was pretty poor!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, these CofSG folk should appreciate that lots and lots of money that is spent in England is courtsey of taxes raised from a natural resource to be found in Scotland's waters. If free eye testing in Scotland is unfair south of the border, then what do you think we feel - CofSG - about the billions of money you've pinched from us?

Monday, April 03, 2006  
Blogger Numptie said...

I couldn't possibly comment anon - But I suspect that the Welsh feel the same. These nice people whinge about such "inequalities" but seem to forget that they elected the governments who abolished all of the benefits in the first place; i.e. the likes of Thatcher (ARRRRGH!) and Co.

Monday, April 03, 2006  
Blogger BondBloke said...

Oh, there's nothing like a good old nationalist debate is there?

Monday, April 03, 2006  

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