Friday, March 31, 2006

A Very Shy Man

I was thinking today about photographs that I took whilst participating in the "Make Poverty History" march in Edinburgh last year, and I remembered this one. I went out with the full intention of photographing anyone who pointed a camrea at me, well fair's fair, after all if you want to photograph someone you should be prepared to be photographed yourself; that is if you have nothing to hide. Obviously this shy gentleman had/has something to hide for as soon as I pointed my camera at him this was his reaction. I did not realise this at the time or I might have asked him for a proper portrait...

It has been suggested that he is looking at the lcd screen on that rather posh, expensive piece of camera kit in his right hand; but I think not, if this were the case he would be shading the lcd screen and not his eyes. As far as I am concerned the jury has found this man guilty as charged. I am not so naive as to think that if one takes part in such events that one is not going to attract the attention of one or other of the security forces. After all one look at this picture is enough for me to rest my case; this man is one or other of the many flavours of security bods who were on display there, and mere curiosity makes me think that I would like to know just who he is so that I could furnish him with a glorious picture of himself at work!


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