Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Underground Music

Tube-ular Bells…

OK - an anorak I might be, but I have to confess to being hugely impressed by the musical imagination and knowledge of Dorian Lynskey, whose pictorial poster representation of (some of) the history of 20th Century development of music via the template of the map of the London Underground arrived in my morning post. Sure I have gripes about inclusion and (mostly) exclusion – no mention of this man on the East London route is almost unforgivable – but on balance it is a most remarkable artistic achievement. I look forward to enjoying even more (than this) endless hours of tracing musical influences, crossovers, embarking on new journeys and moving along the many spurs which the author proposes. But as a newcomer to this blogging lark, I have to confess at being a tad surprised (and a little disappointed) at some of critical (and the less than courteous) comments made on this effort by individuals who posted comments on the Guardian web page. Me - I love it; unashamedly! And those of a similar disposition to myself might be interested in catching the final episode of this wonderful production!


Anonymous DJG said...

Hmm - unlike your tube map, the Folk Brittania production does give due recognition to the Incredible String Band - who as we all know, took folk (and by "folk" I mean people and the music) to previously unimagined places!

Thursday, February 16, 2006  
Blogger roadrunner said...

it was an open goal just waiting for an aeging the striker to net it...

Thursday, February 16, 2006  

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