Monday, January 30, 2006

Children, Heroin and Other Drugs

I think it appalling that we have a situation where primary school children are being targeted by drug pushers, and there is evidence that this is the case. But what do we do about it? Well, I think that the answer is quite simple - and this is where the disagreement will start - and that is to legalise the whole range of drugs. Yes, I know the arguments against, but I happen to think that the arguments for legalisation are much stronger and make a hell of a lot more sense. Does it not make sense to have such things out in the open where it is possible to have control over them, rather than the situation extant now where we don't know who is doing what, or who is selling what to who. If we know who is selling and who to surely that gives us the means to control addiction, and to reduce the number of drug related deaths; also if we know what is being sold we have quality control, meaning that every batch will be the same; this also removes the rogue batches of rubbish sold by unscrupulous pushers in their quest for money. This in turn would reduce the burden on the health service which has to deal with drug related problems on a daily basis which costs each and every one of us, both in monetary terms and in terms of clogging up the system.

I have kept this as short and simple as possible, making a simple statement and giving a couple of my reasons for making it; there are many other reasons I could give for forwarding this argument but I need it think them through and will come back to them in due course.

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Want to know more:-

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Although some of these call for the legalisation of recreational drugs only, I go much further and argue for the complete legalisation of all drugs; some of the points made on one or two of the websites I do not agree with, but most of the points made are quite valid and make a very good case to support my argument.


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