Sunday, January 15, 2006

Blunkett: an ass or just plain stupid

I read this earlier which I found quite fascinating and it brought thoughts of Blunkett flooding back. One has to ask the question is this man a complete and utter ass, or is he just plainly and simply stupid?

Now I cannot believe the latter (that he is stupid) because if that were the case he probably would not have achieved the political status that he did (although being a Blair crony it might just have been possible). He does seem to have stumbled from disaster to disaster, the first, that I am aware of, being to confuse great sex with love (personally I have never confused love with sex, great or otherwise); I can just imagine his dog lying in the corner cringing and thinking "No dad, keep your trousers on, if you do this it is going to cost you big time!". Then there was all of the hoo hah over the nanny thing etc. etc.; it just makes one wonder if this man can ever learn from the mistakes that he makes. For my money he doesn't seem to, which leaves me even more confused about him than ever; which all leads me to the conclusion that he is about as stupid as some reasonably intelligent people can be.

CBB Again:

I know I have been here before; but just looking through the news today was a very depressing experience, seeing all of these sad people attacking George Galloway for being himself in the Big Brother house. These range from a failed contestant to those politicians (Hilary Armstrong) seeking to make political capital out of it by visiting his constituency and trying to stir up the voters. One does have to ask if this tells us that the New Labourites are running scared because George can, in his words, "walk the walk", something that they have failed miserably to do themselves. I have said before that I am not a Galloway fan, but the more people attack him for entering into the spirit of things the more I am inclined to back him to the hilt; but then I have always supported the underdog in any fight. Also one has to ask, what if the situation had been reversed and that Rula had been acting as the cat, would the headlines have read something like "Rula Gives George a Blow Job"?


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