Saturday, January 14, 2006

From firebrand to pussycat: Galloway's TV transformation

Guardian Unlimited The Guardian From firebrand to pussycat: Galloway's TV transformation

It seems that a lot of people are cringing at George Galloway's performance as a cat; personally I thought that it was very funny, well it made me laugh. I also think it shows that, when he puts his mind to it, George can enter into the spirit of things. I have never been a great Galloway fan, but I have to admit that since seeing him in the Big Brother house I have somewhat warmed to him as he is showing a much more human side to his nature, and possibly it will give him a little more "street cred". The only thing that surprises me about the whole incident is, that given the nature of the tabloid press, there have not been more pussy jokes, or oblique references to cunnilingus (although I suppose tabloid journalists would probably have never heard the word) flying around.


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