Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh, the acclamation

I think that's how it's spelt. Anyway, in a comment Martyn says...
'Bondwoman is missing !Come back :-0'

No she isn't really. It's just that after a burst of blogging energy on Tuesday, her mind has since been full of unbloggable things, like too much football on which she has nothing sensible really to add to the mass of comment, although many of her friends agree with her that she would make a damn good commentator, reading too many postgraduate scholarship applications, writing letters to random ambassadors to invite them to speak, writing random papers for random meetings she doesn't particularly want to trek to Oxford for next week, and various bits and pieces related to the renovation of Junior Bond's flat (although BB takes pride of place here).

I've been politically animated, of course, by the things that we've all read about this week, such as Blair's enthusiasm for "summary justice". There was a marvellous cartoon on the topic of "summery justice" in the Scotsman today, but sadly it's not online. However, Martin Rowson's take on the "fightback" of the judges in the Guardian thankfully is. I've also noted with trepidation Irn Broon's dour commitment to renewing the "independent" nuclear deterrent (and presumably locating it in Scotland), as well as Barnett's recanting of Barnett. We watched a great programme about the Union Flag on BBC2 on Wednesday - very stimulating, although we agreed with Sam Wollaston, the Guardian TV critic the following day, that the fact that the voice over was by Tom Baker made you think you might be watching an episode of Little Britain.

Anyway, enough of this. A bit of a non-post really. But Argentina v Mexico calls!


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