Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The best headlines have been taken

It was the picture in the Guardian (print edition, I'm afraid) that caught my eye. The couple huddled down against the cliff, with the lifeboat approaching, and their £250,000 yacht being pounded to bits on the rocks before their eyes. I'm not one to glory in other people's miseries, but I'm afraid I felt compelled to blog this one. A little bit of research on the net revealed a picture in The Scum (sorry, don't usually link there as a matter of principle), and then a much more detailed report in the The Times, under the fetching headline "Honey, I sunk the boat". In summary: man (incredibly rich, according to the Times report) buys £250,000 boat; two weeks later, man and woman set out to sail boat from Lymington to Lulworth Cove and back; on the return journey, man goes below deck and leaves woman in charge of helm; boat runs aground on famously hazardous rocks at Anvil Point in Dorset; man and woman issue Mayday alert, abandon ship, crawl ashore, and huddle on rocky cliff face watching the waves dump their boat repeatedly against the rocks until there is very little left of it.

Maybe it was not just the picture which caught my eyes in the Guardian, but also the information in the first paragraph that the owner was a banker.


Blogger Numptie said...

Not all the best headlines have been taken, how about "You Did Say 'On The Rocks Darling Didn't You'"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006  
Blogger HW said...

The best bit of the story was her quote in the Times that "He wasn't angry with me. He's not that kind of a guy."


Wednesday, May 03, 2006  

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