Friday, February 17, 2006

Arthur Elwen Cameron

Am I being oversensitive, or am I right to worry that Arthur is not such a good name to burden a child with? Does it work in the playground? Anyway, following the naming of Arthur Elwen Cameron, I feel moved to tell readers that my grandfather was called Arthur. He was a Tory too (am I making unwarranted assumptions about Young Arthur?) but not from an Old-Etonian background, but from the South Yorkshire (former) coal-mining village of Darfield in South Yorkshire. A Tory miner, eh. I feel this politician son-naming business is getting too close for comfort as I have a son called Leo. But, on the other hand, there is no one in my family called Donald. But then we know what happened to his father, don't we?

Update: I feel I need to point out, before any accusations start arriving in my direction, that I thought of Leo before TB did.


Blogger Just Jane said...

It might be OK in th eplaygrounds of Eton.

Any where else at all, I would have to strongly counsel against.

Friday, February 17, 2006  
Blogger The Blind-Winger Jones said...

A Tory in Darfield ! Blimey, times have changed.

Saturday, February 18, 2006  

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