Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy Busy

Am thinking of using this blog in the future more as a sort of conventional record of what I do and what I think, and not worrying so much about the high falutin' content of posts. So here goes. Busy, busy. Went to an 'Enlightenment' lecture with Professor Tom Devine at the University yesterday. We both thought he was fab. He spoke for 35 minutes, basically without notes, kept a thread, kept a structure, informed and entertained, and was just incredibly impressive. We weren't so sure where the panel discussion which was following on afterwards was going, so since we had to catch a train to Glasgow, we slipped out after a couple of rounds of discussion, hoping to be unnoticed, only to run into a woman from the press office at the doorway, who said... "you're going" as if our presence amongst about 1000 really made a difference...

Went to Glasgow in train with small number of members of tartan army. Blogmet. Met old bloggers (see blogroll) and new bloggers, some of whom we had read, some of whom we hadn't. Was informative and entertaining, and alcoholic (at least for both of us), as last time. BB made himself be sociable. I guess it wasn't always so easy for him.

Came back from Glasgow by train, this time surrounded by hundreds of jubilant and drunken, but ultimately apparently harmless, members of the tartan army. There was a lot of singing, and a fair amount of drumming of hands against the ceiling of the train carriage and the perspex carriage dividers. Consequently, we were glad to be off the train in Waverley, but escaped with nothing more serious than a bit of a headache from the noise. I have to say that this is the first time I have ever willingly been in the vicinity of that number of football fans before, and I wonder whether, had they been English fans travelling from Manchester to Leeds on a train, similarly pissed up, it would have been such an entertaining experience. Perhaps most remarkable is that no litter to speak of was left on the train, and the train was in a fit state in Waverley Station to go straight back to Glasgow, presumably fetch another load of them.

Now we are off to do help a friend negotiate the catering for his upcoming 60th birthday party, see a new baby, and generally rush around Edinburgh, whilst still not managing to do the one thing we *always* get done at the weekend, namely our supermarket shop.

Oh well, it's probably better to be busy than bored.


Anonymous Peggy said...

It was great meeting the two of you. Now that I've found the link, I can put you on the list of overly frequenly visited blogs!

Sunday, October 08, 2006  
Blogger BondWoman said...

Good to meet you, too, Peggy. I look forward to visiting your blog more often, which looks as if it very interesting.

Monday, October 09, 2006  

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